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elrow Town festival comes to Italy: Iren Green Park, June 8, 2024

elrow Town festival comes to Italy: Iren Green Park, June 8, 2024

Following the resounding success of previous shows in Italy, including elrow XXL Padova or elrow Puglia, elrow is elevating its game by bringing its grandest and most immersive show, elrow Town, to Reggio Emilia. The chosen date for this spectacular event is June 8th 2024, with the aim of gathering over 25.000 enthusiastic attendees at the iconic venue Iren Green Park, Reggio Emilia (Campovolo) – Italy.

This 12-hour theme festival promises an extraordinary experience featuring 5 stages, theatrical performances, games, shows, contemporary collaborations, creative collectives, over 40 DJs, and more than 200 performers.

All ticket info is available on the elrow website by clicking here.

What to expect

Vibrant colors, boundless creativity and pure joy. Unanimously regarded as one of the world’s premier performance festivals, elrow combines music, art and theatrical performance for a unique and immersive experience.

1. More immersive spaces
elrow Town will be the most immersive universe. Not your regular dance music festival – be prepared to be transported to alternate worlds. Each area (in regular events that’s just a stage), you’ll find a themed world crafted using vibrant colors, interactive elements and special effects (you might know our confetti by now) to create an unforgettable journey. You might find yourself in an enchanted forest, an underwater wonderland, a psychedelic dreamscape, or a futuristic utopia. To experience it is to believe it and that only happens if you join us. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the unknown!

2. Music
Every year elrow promises to be more diverse than ever before, with an expanded lineup that spans even more musical styles and genres to excite techno and house music lovers! Ranging from international headliners, local dj’s, established names and up-and-coming talent from around the world, with special hosting parties – we want to spoil you and spoil you we will!

3. Games
Creating magic together and amplifying your experience are core to our values, so adding extra layers of fun are essentials at elrow town. Our loved games will be back so whether you like human connect four, extreme twister – or just laughing so much that you fall on your arse – elrow’s games area is not to be missed!

4. Local Collectives
elrow will feature a number of local collectives, each bringing their own unique flavor and style to the festival. We see these hosting partners as an integral part of the festival’s identity, creating an atmosphere of community and collaboration. Get ready to discover new talent and experience the very best that the local scene has to offer!

5. More than 200 Theatrical Performers
Yoda, horses, chariot riders – you might think you are at the theatre. Dressed in the craziest costumes 2024 will feature more than 200 talented dancers, actors, acrobats, gymnasts, and more. Our performers will help bring you into the themed worlds, teasing and tantalising you. At elrow Town they are an integral part of the festival’s identity. so get ready to be dazzled!

The hallmark event for the brand

The Italian premiere of elrow Town invites attendees to enter the most immersive elrow universe, a creation of the passionate and unconventional Arnau family: always, the heart and soul of every elrow signature production.

elrow Town Festival stands as the hallmark event for the brand, and only three to four carefully selected cities host this extraordinary celebration each year, representing the epitome of the Elrow experience: pushing entertainment and fun to unprecedented heights.

Save the date

elrow Town
June 8th 2024
Iren Green Park, Reggio Emilia – Italy

All ticket info is available on the elrow website by clicking here.