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For the local area

A boost for
international tourism

RCF Arena Reggio Emilia aims to make the most of the potential for growth in the live events sector to boost tourism in the region, through the national and international promotion of the Emilia-Romagna system, the Via Emilia experience and the region’s cultural heritage. Not only tourism, but also knowledge and work contribute to make the most of the region’s outstanding assets, the economic development of the metropolitan area, the establishment of new businesses and the growth of existing enterprises, especially in the advanced tertiary, hospitality and cultural industry sectors.

Promotion of uniquely
thrilling, shared experiences

RCF Arena’s aim is to make Reggio Emilia the capital of live music, and to create a new Music Valley of international scope – deservedly joining the system of valleys in the region dedicated to motor vehicles, food and wellness – able to welcome, thrill and amaze people from all over Europe.

A collective project

Public and private partners together

RCF Arena Reggio Emilia is the result of an exemplary collaboration between public and private partners that has allowed for a positive development project in the interests of both Reggio Emilia and the Emilia-Romagna Region. Aeroporto di Reggio Emilia S.p.A., the company that has been granted use of the whole airport area by the owner ENAC, has offered C.Volo the opportunity to manage the non-operative area of the grounds until 2035, following a public tender. Both the company and its public owners were able to grasp the vision behind the idea presented by Coopservice, as a project financing proposal, and therefore set in motion the process to obtain EU funding. This collaboration on the part of the public partners allowed Reggio Emilia to obtain funding to be managed at regional level (ROP-ERDF – Axis 5 2014-2020 programme), which acted as a driver for setting up the complex pledge on the part of the private subjects. This collaboration also benefitted from the skills of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia regarding the management of public works, tenders and the management of EU funding.

Positive collaboration

RCF Arena Reggio Emilia is a practical example of how European funding can assist growth, opening up opportunities for further private contributions, as well as promoting collaboration – in full compliance with the regulations – between public entities and the private sector. The Arena is a collective effort that has been able to reconcile the time required for the public procedures with the times the private sector operates within, and is a positive, practical example of the shared commitment of institutions, companies, entities, professionals and supervisory bodies, ready to work together and ensure the complete, effective implementation of a project that has no equal in Italy or worldwide. The Arena is unique in terms of both how it came about and the process that has accompanied it.

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